Flow Meter

  • ACF-RSZL Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

    ACF-RSZL Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

    ACF-RSZL series thermal gas mass flow meter is designed based on the principle of thermal diffusion. The instrument adopts the method of constant temperature difference to accurately measure the gas. It has the advantages of small volume, high degree of digitization, convenient installation and accurate measurement.

  • ACF-LWGY Turbine Flow Meter

    ACF-LWGY Turbine Flow Meter

    ACF-LWGY series turbine flow meter is based on torque balance principle and belongs to velocity type flow instrument. The flow sensor is used together with the display instrument, which is suitable for measuring the liquid with low viscosity, no strong corrosion and no fiber, particle and other impurities in the closed pipeline. If matched with the display instrument with special functions, quantitative control and excessive alarm can be realized. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water supply, papermaking and other industries, it is an ideal meter for flow measurement and energy saving.

  • Vortex Flow Meter ACF-LUGB

    Vortex Flow Meter ACF-LUGB

    ACF-LUGB series vortex flow meter is a kind of flow meter which uses piezoelectric crystal as detection element and outputs a standard signal proportional to the flow rate. The instrument can be directly with the DDZ – Ⅲ instrument system, can also be used with the computer and distributed systems, with different medium flow parameter measurement. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, heating and other departments. Measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam.

  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter ACF-LD

    Electromagnetic Flow Meter ACF-LD

    ACF-LD series Electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of inductive instrument for measuring the volume flow rate of conductive medium. It can output standard current signal for recording, adjustment and control at the same time of field monitoring and display. It can realize automatic detection control and long-distance transmission of signal.It can be widely used in water supply, chemical industry, coal, environmental protection, light textile, metallurgy, paper making and other industries in the flow measurement of conductive liquid.

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter ACFC-Y

    Ultrasonic Flow Meter ACFC-Y

    ACFC-Y series Ultrasonic flow meter is suitable for on-line calibration and patrol measurement of liquid flow in various industrial fields. With high measurement accuracy, good consistency, battery power supply, simple operation, easy to carry and other characteristics, it is the smallest volume, the lightest quality, the real sense of portable ultrasonic flow meter, products have been exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and the Middle East region, by domestic and foreign customers praise. Mainly used in the flow measurement of industrial pipeline medium fluid, widely used in environmental protection, petrochemical, metallurgy, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

  • Orifice Flow Meter ACF-1KB

    Orifice Flow Meter ACF-1KB

    ACF-1KB series orifice flow meter has simple structure, no moving parts, stable and reliable with high precision. High degree of standardization and good linearity make it no need for real – flow calibration. Orifice flow meter is flexible and convenient to use. The differential pressure flow meter is still widely used in current domestic flow measurement, maybe 75%-85% of the total flow meter consumption according to the estimated information. It is widely used in steam boiler, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power, water conservancy, paper making, pharmaceutical, food and chemical fiber industries.

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